Celebrating YOUR success in Work Experience Month 2017

03 October 2017

Celebrating, supporting and promoting your activities and success . . .
. . . and the "curtain raiser" in Torquay



A crucially important element of WORK EXPERIENCE MONTH is raising awareness of the amazing work that organisations throughout the UK are doing to promote and deliver HIGH QUALITY Work Experience, celebrating their efforts and success and sharing in their own celebrations.

We already know of several organisations who have many events set up for this October to celebrate their Work Experience achievements - from awards events to open days and seminars. We also know of organisations who are in the process of finalising arrangements for their events - and one of the reasons for creating a Work Experience month was to extend that opportunity.
Last year, almost 2m people engaged with Fair Train's Work Experience Week through social media, so do please share your news with all your social media contacts (#WEMonth2017). And do please let us know, so that we can pass on your good news too. We will be issuing regular updates. If your Press/PR/Publicity colleagues want to get in touch with us to see how we can work together, please ask them to contact us through marketing@fairtrain.org


Sincere thanks to Phillippa Lovell and all her colleagues at Work Experience Quality Standard Gold standard accredited organisation, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust, who are staging the "curtain raiser" to launch Work Experience Month 2017.


On Friday 13th. October, hundreds of students from schools throughout the region will be attending an open day, when they'll hear about the range of careers available in the NHS: no, it's not just about becoming a doctor or a nurse! There are many options, from adult social work, physiotherapy and working in hospital sterilisation and disinfection/decontamination units to nutrition and dietetics, orthotics and popdiatry, radiology, finance, communications etc.

The open day for schools is not all; it follows a business breakfast (during which Fair Train will be presenting) and will run alongside the opening by Sir Richard Ibbotson of the new Institute for Health & Care Professions.

After this "curtain raiser", Work Experience Month 2017 will launch officially on Monday 16th October with our first The Expert Sessions conference in Manchester, kindly sponsored by EY Foundation.




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