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Ending Work Experience Month 2018 with a Gold level accreditation to the Careers & Enterprise Company. 

31st. October 2018

Welcoming the Careers & Enterprise Company to the Fair Train family with its Work Experience Quality Standard awarded this morning... at Gold … is a great way to end Work Experience Month 2018. That’s because the company is, of course, right at the heart of this sector as the government backed organisation that helps prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work. It does this by linking schools and colleges to employers, and supporting schools and colleges to deliver world-class careers education for young people.


Rod Natkiel, Fair Train’s CEO said: “It’s been great liaising with the Careers & Enterprise Company as it’s worked its way through the Fair Train accreditation process. The rigour with which it’s conducted its part in the assessment and provided key evidence have been exemplary; just as importantly, it’s been carried out with real enthusiasm and commitment throughout. Those qualities carry through into the company’s work-based learning activities themselves, from the comprehensive and strategically thought-through range of experience offered to putting an Apprentice centre stage, literally, co-hosting a prestigious annual conference!”


Alongside its work as a facilitating agency, the Careers & Enterprise Company directly supports a number of young people every year through the provision of Work Experience placements, internships and apprenticeships at its head office.


Rod Natkiel continues: “Though its impact spreads throughout the sector on a national scale, the Careers & Enterprise Company itself is a relatively small employer. So to provide two internships and 10 Work Experience placements this summer alone, as well as hosting two full-time apprentices and having numerous Work Experience placements and student group visits planned for the rest of the academic year, is an impressive commitment.”


Kevin Ronan, Director of Human Resources at The Careers & Enterprise Company, said: “We work with schools and colleges across the country to help them improve their careers offer to young people, so it’s vital that we practise what we preach when it comes to Work Experience. Going through the Fair Train assessment, which relentlessly focuses on quality, really does make you question every action, every step of the way. It’s a terrific testament to the work of the small but highly committed team here that we achieved Gold.”


It’s clear from what we (Fair Train) have seen and heard that the Careers & Enterprise Company strives extremely hard to ensure that each Work Experience student has a bespoke, tailored and meaningful gold-level experience throughout their time at the company. This ranges from establishing learning objectives before the student starts, so that the programme is absolutely aligned to the desired outcomes, and creating a detailed and appropriate learning plan …  to using a cross-organisational work policy which achieves consistency of approach across all departments as well as making sure that each manager is fully aware of what the learner is hoping to achieve. Monitoring and review, so integral to any successful work-based learning, are embedded into the company’s practices.


But the proof is in the pudding – so what do the learners say?


Tom spent a week with the Careers & Enterprise Company this summer, and said:


“For my Work Experience in Year 12, I spent my time with the Careers & Enterprise Company. Each day I worked with a different team: Network Team, Employer Engagement, Digital, Marketing & Communications, Investment and, finally, the Government Relations Team. The most appealing part of my week here was that they took Work Experience seriously; I wasn’t shoved into a corner. They gave me challenging but legitimate tasks to do, and I felt integrated into each of the teams I was with. I left each day either with new skills or useful information to help me when I finish my A-levels.”


Darshan spent a year’s Apprenticeship with the Careers & Enterprise Company before heading off to university:


“It has been full of surprises, ups and downs and many great experiences. There have been many highlights throughout the year which have challenged me to exceed what I thought I could achieve. Undoubtedly though, the biggest moment of the year for me was co-hosting the Careers & Enterprise Company’s third Annual Conference!”  Over the last year, I have been able to overcome the feelings I had at the start and really step into the job role and fully own it. I have worked with so many amazing people, from my colleagues in the office, to those across the network and, as a young person myself, it has been inspirational to see for myself the fantastic work of our partners. As I headed off to university, I felt more prepared for the world of work than ever, and I will always be grateful for this opportunity.”


Mia also recently graduated from an apprenticeship at the Careers & Enterprise Company:


“Joining the Careers & Enterprise Company has taught me fundamental things about the workplace that you aren’t taught in school. Everyone has an idea what a job will be like beforehand, but you never know until you’re in it. It was the total opposite of what I envisioned it to be; everyone was welcoming, happy and genuine. Being around individuals who are so driven to achieving a goal is inspirational. Over this past year, I’ve met individuals I never thought I would meet. I have grown as a person and I have had an experience I will never forget.”


Great feedback – so well done the Careers & Enterprise Company! We look forward to working with you over the years to come.

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