Work Experience Quality Standard

More than 500 organisations have now sought and achieved the Work Experience Quality Assurance Standard accreditation. It is both a measure by which you can assess your current provision, and where and how it could be improved, and a step-by-step guide to doing so. For employers that are new to offering placements, take a look at our Starter Kit.

The employers amongst our accredited organisations range from large corporations, including British Airways, Bentley Motors and Cisco UK & Ireland, to more than 50 NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts, over a dozen local Councils, and smaller specialists like Chesterfield Community Care Farm. The list grows daily.

They all recognise the benefits of this accreditation, which can be summarised as standing out in the increasingly competitive marketplace to attract the workforce of tomorrow.

for Employers 

More specific benefits include:​

Creating a genuine talent pipeline from learner to senior manager

Addressing skills gaps and introducing fresh perspectives

Finding and nurturing the high quality employees for the future

Meaningful and important management experience for promising members of your existing workforce

Reducing recruitment costs

Eradicating recruitment risks – knowing you have the right person

Embedding in your workforce of the future your organisation’s culture and way of working

Raising morale and productivity in your existing workforce

Enhancing your reputation with all stakeholders: clients, suppliers, partners, the media, shareholders and the public – through recognition not just of your organisation’s achievements in this field, but of the contribution you are thereby making to UK society and the economy

Bringing a CSR policy to life: actions, rather than words

The accreditation is for a period of two years. The table below lists some of the benefits you'll get based on your accreditation level.

Costs to become an accredited organisation


Accreditation comes at one of three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level demonstrates that you are delivering high quality, but the expectation of the breadth and depth of your activities and practice increases as you go up the levels. The cost of accreditation is determined by the number of FTE employees in your organisation and the level at which you achieve accreditation. In all cases, the fee is for two years. It is currently:

For a small additional cost, we can also supply a bespoke eye-catching silver framed certificate and/or a very stylish jade glass “trophy” to further enhance the demonstration of your accreditation.

The accreditation process starts with the Health Checker which will establish at what level you are currently likely to achieve accreditation and what you may need to do to achieve a higher one. 

How to become an accredited organisation

If you are interested in accreditation as both an employer and a provider, please talk to us. It’s perfectly possible and a number of organisations have done this.
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