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Work Experience Quality Standard

More than 500 organisations have now sought and achieved the Work Experience Quality Assurance Standard accreditation. It is both a measure by which you can assess your current provision, and where and how it could be improved, and a step-by-step guide to doing so.

The learning/training providers amongst our accredited organisations range from major colleges, like South Staffordshire and West Herts, to studio schools, schools and colleges for students with disabilities and/or additional needs (like Inscape House School) and many independent training providers, including Nova Training.

They all recognise the benefits of this accreditation, which can be summarised as standing out to those who are making education/training choices and to those assessing the providers – and helping you to enhance learners’ employability.

Enhances your reputation with assessors, e.g. Ofsted

More specific benefits include:​

Helps build a network of supportive employers

Assists you in significantly enriching the provision, your “offer”

Enhances your reputation with all stake-holders: the public; potential students and their families; the media; potential staff

Helps reduce attrition and raise achievement

Attracts high quality employers

The accreditation is for a period of two years. The table below lists some of the benefits you'll get based on your accreditation level.

Costs to become an accredited organisation

Accreditation comes at one of three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level demonstrates that you are delivering high quality, but the expectation of the breadth and depth of your activities and practice increases as you go up the levels.

The cost of accreditation for learning providers is determined as follows. In all cases, the fee is for two years.


Further/higher education: College, university and independent training provider fees are determined by your turnover and the level at which you achieve accreditation.

Secondary education: Secondary school or academy fees are determined by your size and the level at which you achieve accreditation.

For a small additional cost, we can also supply a bespoke eye-catching silver framed certificate and/or a very stylish jade glass “trophy” to further enhance the demonstration of your accreditation.

How to become an accredited organisation

The accreditation process starts with the Health Checker which will establish at what level you are currently likely to achieve accreditation and what you may need to do to achieve a higher level. 
If you are interested in accreditation as both a provider and an employer, please talk to us. It’s perfectly possible and a number of organisations have done this.
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