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Fair Train and Alliance Manchester Business School team up as MBA students conduct full review of our operations

19th. October 2018

Before the end of the year, we will be issuing our latest Fair Train Impact Report. Of course, when we say “our”, we mean the impact of our accredited organisations, as it is your amazing work that we’ll be detailing and celebrating in the report. As you will see when the report is published, the opportunities you are offering people, all round the UK, to gain invaluable experience of the workplace are staggering numerically – and we know that you deliver these opportunities at extremely high quality too, because that’s what the Work Experience Quality Standard is all about.

If any of our accredited organisations is still to send in its latest data return, please do so, as we can still include your information; but please action this a.s.a.p.

Although we keep in touch with all our organisations as much as we can and really value your feedback and input which allow us to tailor our service to suit your needs and wishes, and although we also try to be constantly assessing our own standards and performance, objective analysis is always helpful.


That’s why we’re delighted to be being supported by the world-renowned Alliance Manchester Business School.  As the first project in their full-time MBA course, five students from the school are currently conducting a full review of the environment in which we’re operating and where we’re placed within it and of how we’re performing. Amongst many tasks, they’ll be speaking to a wide range of organisations, accredited and not, conducting surveys with people who’ve undertaken Work Experience to assess the impact it’s had or is having, analysing key reports over recent years and current environmental/market trends – and then pulling it all together. The students have already had an invaluable first-hand flavour of our sector by attending and taking part in an EY Foundation employability workshop for about thirty Year 10 and 11 students from East Manchester Academy and in a Work Experience Quality Standard audit at First Choice Homes Oldham. Thanks to both EYFoundation and First Choice Homes for accommodating us.


Not only will this consultancy represent a substantial amount of work (400+ hours), it’ll represent the thoughts of an international set of minds in these five, highly impressive students: Ali Hoteit (Lebanon); Adriana Ingar (Peru); Venkat Mounish (India); Beatrice Poubeau (France); and Ranvir Singh (UK).


Many thanks to them (they’re a pleasure to be working with) and to all at the Alliance Manchester Business School – especially Phil Galvin and Alicia Arribas.


There’ll be more news about this work later in the autumn.

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