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The importance of Work Experience and Volunteering to inspire others

18th. October 2018

No-one should under-estimate the importance of work-based learning; that’s what Work Experience Month is all about. The people and organisations who provide these opportunities for young and older alike, career changers and those returning to work, are not just facilitating experience of the workplace and the acquisition of “soft skills”, they are providing insight and often inspiration for the next generation/s of the UK’s workforce.


And people who volunteer their time to inform, excite, develop and, hopefully, inspire those joining, re-joining or changing direction in the workforce are providing a “money can’t buy” service which can literally change lives.


Those activities are especially important in sectors where the required size of the workforce is growing exponentially: for example, in the Social Care and the Childcare sectors. That’s why Fair Train has embarked on a pioneering two-year Social Care workforce development project with Torbay Council which we were delighted to announce to launch Work Experience Month 2018 (see our story on 2nd. October:


And that’s also why, as another highlight of Work Experience Month 2018, we are putting the spotlight on and congratulating Work Experience Quality Standard accredited Tinies Childcare for creating its outstanding Inspiring A Future in Childcare campaign which focuses on the Childcare industry.

Raising awareness about the thousands of job opportunities in the Childcare sector and demonstrating the crucial importance to UK society of the work of early-years professionals, the campaign is setting out to inspire the next generation of childcarers. They will be integral to the support that millions of working parents already need – and with many, many more joining their numbers in the years ahead.


The campaign launched its childcare networking event in London, supported by the Education and Employers Charity and the Department for Education, and demonstrated how much can be achieved when schools and local employers work closely in partnership. These events are a great starting point for those unsure of where they see their future taking them -  and what events like this lead to can literally shape a career: from Work Experience and/or apprenticeships to first jobs.


Events like this are also integral to raising awareness and, as awareness around the range of jobs available in the Childcare sector grows, we look forward to the positive effect this will have on the number of work experience opportunities being sought, offered and undertaken in the Early Years sector. And, of course, we also look forward to a substantial growth in the numbers of people willing to volunteer their skills, knowledge and advice to help others progress.


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