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Fair Train and Torbay Council initiate two-year partnership to support Torbay’s Social Care sector

2nd. October 2018

A two-year partnership between Fair Train, the UK’s Work Experience expert, and Torbay Council has gone into action today with the announcement of the first three Torbay social care providers to achieve Fair Train’s prestigious Work Experience Quality Standard accreditation.

Fair Train’s accreditation applies to any employer, learning or training provider or facilitator engaged in any aspect or aspects of work-based learning, i.e. traditional school work experience for year 10 or 12 students; 16+ placements (e.g. for study programmes or

the incoming T-level industry placements); traineeships; internships; apprenticeships; and volunteering (when designed to improve employability).

Accreditation presentation


John Bryant: Head of integration and Development at Torbay Council; Kat Green: Director of Bay Care Group; Jon Bourne: Support manager for Cream Care; Alan Tilley: ROC Wellbeing - part of United Response and Cllr. Julien Parrott: executive Lead for Adults

Accreditation presentation


Jon Bourne: Support manager for Cream Care; Kat Green: Director of Bay Care Group; Rod Natkiel: CEO of Fair Train; Alan Tilley: ROC Wellbeing - part of United Response

Fair Train’s two principal aims are, firstly, to drive a substantial increase in the availability and uptake of all forms of work experience in all sectors, and secondly, to ensure that every experience is genuinely meaningful and delivers the greatest possible benefit to the employer, the learning provider and, above all, the learner undertaking the experience. This pioneering two-year initiative with Torbay Council is designed to achieve both those aims, working with the area’s providers of social care, the importance of which is already substantial and is growing fast.

Since its inception in 2013, Fair Train’s Work Experience Quality Standard accreditation has been achieved by more than 400 organisations, in all sectors. It demonstrates, not just their commitment to providing work experience opportunities, but to doing so at the highest possible quality. As well as being a standard-setting and checking kite-mark, the accreditation is also a detailed framework which provides a first-class “how to” guide; accredited organisations consider this to be invaluable.

The Work Experience Quality Standard is awarded at three levels, Bronze, Silver or Gold. The level is determined by the breadth and detail of the experience on offer, but whatever the level, quality is the key criterion. The framework covers every stage of any work-based learning placement, from initial planning right through to post-placement follow-up and support, and enables an organisation to build on its current provision or to get started.

Rod Natkiel, Fair Train’s CEO, said: “Social Care is already a major element in the UK’s infrastructure and will become increasingly important. Development of the future workforce in this sector is, therefore, vital. Whether it’s a young person starting out on his or her working life, someone returning to work or someone changing direction, meaningful experience of the workplace is vitally important to their professional and personal development and to engaging them with the sector. But it only works if it’s an experience of quality. So it’s a pleasure to be supporting Torbay Council in its commitment to Work Experience in the Social Care sector.”


Councillor Julien Parrott, Torbay Council’s Executive Lead for Adults, said: “The contribution that social care providers make to our Torbay community is invaluable. The demand for their services is going to increase dramatically in the years ahead, which is why finding their workforce of tomorrow is so important. We’re delighted to be partnering with Fair Train to focus on the crucially important aspect of work experience as part of that workforce development, as Fair Train has the experience and commitment to guide organisations into carrying out work experience efficiently, effectively and at the highest possible quality.”

Kat Green, Director of Bay Care Group, one of the organisations achieving Fair Train’s Work Experience accreditation (at Gold), said: “It’s great to get involved in this really exciting and very important project. Encouraging people to consider a career in social care is so important to our sector, and offering high-quality work experience is an excellent way of doing that. For anyone involved in work-based learning, Fair Train’s guidance, experience and enthusiasm are invaluable.”

Alan Tilley, of ROC Wellbeing Devon – part of United Response, another newly accredited organisation (at Bronze), added: “We consider work experience a very important part of our workforce development and it’s great to have the support of an organisation with the experience in this field that Fair Train has. That will help us to ensure that our work experience is high quality and, at the end of the day, that can only be to everyone’s benefit.”

Laura Jefferies of Cream Care, the third newly accredited organisation (at Gold), said: “It’s reassuring when such a respected organisation as Fair Train assesses one’s work experience activity as being at high quality, and it’s also really valuable that they guide you into ways of doing it even better. Any organisation is only as good as its staff and high quality work experience is a really good way of finding the great staff of tomorrow.”

Jon Bourne, Support Manager for Cream Care, collected the Work Experience Quality Standard certificate. Also attending the presentation was John Bryant, Torbay Council’s Head of Integration and Development, who is leading the partnership with Fair Train for the council.

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