Work Experience Quality Standard

More than 450 organisations have now sought and achieved the Work Experience Quality Assurance Standard accreditation. It is both a measure by which you can assess your current provision, and where and how it could be improved, and a step-by-step guide to doing so.

The employers amongst our accredited organisations range from large corporations, including British Airways, Bentley Motors and Cisco UK & Ireland, to more than 50 NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts and smaller specialists like Chesterfield Community Care Farm. The list grows daily.

They all recognise the benefits of this accreditation, which can be summarised as standing out in the increasingly competitive marketplace to attract the workforce of tomorrow.

To read more about the Employer's Work Experience Quality Standard, click here.

Starter Kit for Employers 

What is Fair Train's WEQS Starter Kit and how do I get one?

Would you like to offer a young person a placement but don’t know where to start? Or would you like to improve or grow the ad hoc placements you’ve offered in the past?


This Starter Kit is ideal for an employer who would like to be able to offer any kind of Work Experience placement at HIGH QUALITY. All our expertise has gone into creating simple guidance, customisable templates and handy resources, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, and you can be confident that your work placements will benefit your organisation as well as the learner(s) you host.


The Starter Kit includes template policies and forms, and guidance on topics from applications, equality and diversity, induction, planning suitable activities, risk assessment, safeguarding, and much more. If you follow the guidance in the Starter Kit you will be able to achieve our Work Experience Quality Standard at Bronze Level.  If your organisation offers at least one placement in the six months after you order your Starter Kit, you can apply for this valuable and highly regarded accreditation at no additional cost.

The cost of the Starter Kit is based on your organisation's number of full-time employees at the Bronze level. You can view the accreditation fees. by clicking here.  

The production of the resources in the Fair Train Starter Kit has been generously sponsored by John Ratcliff CBE and Marsha Rae Ratcliff OBE.

Please use the form below to request a Starter Kit form, or contact us at for more details and/or to speak to one of our team to get the process under way.

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